Singles frankenberg eder - Dating dk Dragør

durch  |  30-Jun-2016 14:06

In addition, the Danish circuses for the third year in row had competition from DR television’s Big Band’s and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation’s Circus Summarum where many of the familiar characters from DR televisions children universe met in the circus ring, but where the performance completely lacked real circus elements.

Circus Land, as it is called, offered training of circus animals in the training ring, magic show, sea lion show, pony rides, circus theatre, playground, museum, etc.

and in summer short performances in Circus Landino. Once again Diana Benneweis and her team, including Jan Hertz who had staged the performance and equestrian director Marek Benneweis, had created an excellent performance.

This year she was working with Jackie Berdino’s son Patrick - in a roller skate act and in the opening act, which probably can be called a mlange entre.

And she is a powerful part in colorful high school riding where she rides together with her mother Alexia and two members of the Berdino family: Laura and Anastazja (due to getting a baby Laura had to stop riding after some month.

And he has the idea that every year he will present an act which has its roots in the old fair entertainments.

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