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Setting aside the limitations of Chrome OS and the Chromebook concept itself, this is HP being as clever as possible with the specs.

Thankfully, cheap laptops are more powerful and capable than ever before as the likes of ARM, AMD, Intel and Nvidia continue to squeeze and integrate both processor and graphics for optimum performance.

This has meant that high-end devices are becoming perfectly good replacements for your desktop computer, able to cope with more intensive programs.

Trikset er ellers å varme pitabrødene halvveis først i noen minutter, før du har i osten og varmer videre. Den følelsen du får når du våkner av en lett blund og du kjenner at tiden står stille mens du strekker armene i været….

Man kjøper ost, selvfølgelig, som skal i pitabrødene.

There's been a surprising number of good budget laptops available recently, and a lot of them are Chromebooks.

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