Filson double or single tin pants latin dating fredensborg storkro

durch  |  04-Oct-2016 09:24

The are made out of shelter cloth with an overlay of the oil finish tin cloth where you need it. I haven't been stuck by any berry bushes since wearing them. Have had a few moments where I was bending over tall stickers and straddled them as I walked forward which was a little scary.

One thing I did do was have them roll up a couple inches of extra material when they hemmed them.

But even though the crotch area is shelter cloth everything came through the experience in one piece.

The toughest of the tough, these pants earn their reputation every day in the woods, on the farms, in the oil fields There are no other pants quite like these for heavy duty use in the field and in the woods.

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These pants have four roomy pockets, a watch pocket, zipper fly, and heavy-duty suspender buttons. Even if you're relatively stationary for long periods of time, these pants will keep you comfortable.

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