Dating selmer amps

durch  |  22-Aug-2016 16:47

Annoyed, the roadie carried the head backstage and brought it back. ” and the roadie had to replace it with an apology!Another funny story dates from the Earl’s Court shows in May 1973 where the sound crew reported that during some of David’s solos his rig wasn’t in the PA at all. For the Animals 1977 tour David had three Hiwatt heads, again two mains and one spare and a 1960’s Marshall 100w plexi.

Dating selmer amps-89

Studio sessions Between 1968-1969 David used Selmer heads and matching cabinets.

He is mostly seen using Selmer Stereomaster 100w, as he did live, but it’s also reported that he used Selmer Treble and Bass 50w like Syd.

David used only two Hiwatt heads throughout the autumn of ’69 and the more familiar three heads setup appeared sometime during the summer in 1970.

David later got these placed in a custom rack in early 1971.

During the Dark Side of the Moon tour David would have four Hiwatt heads on a custom rig to his right on the stage.

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