Berlin dating summit

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The third is the Southern Schneeferner which covers 8.4 hectares.

The Zugspitze was first climbed on 27 August 1820 by Josef Naus, his survey assistant, Maier, and mountain guide, Johann Georg Tauschl.

The middle summit fell victim to one of the cable car summit stations in 1930.

In 1938 the west summit was blown up to create a building site for a planned flight control room for the Wehrmacht. Originally the height of the west summit was given as 2,964 m (9,724 ft).

The rack railway and the Eibsee Cable Car, the third cableway, transport an average of 500,000 people to the summit each year.

In winter, nine ski lifts cover the ski area on the Zugspitzplatt.

For mountaineers there is plenty of nearby accommodation.

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